The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 6:34 pm 2008


The last two days have been busy!   Yesterday, we drove to Bellingham Washington (about 1 hour north) to visit my friend Suzie.  In Bellingham they have a country fair every year – so we went to the fair and spent the night at Suzie’s house. The next day we went to the water slide park. It was hot and crowded – but kids liked the sides.

The fair was quite fun. It has rides, games, animals and lots and lots of FOOD! It is a very traditional part of small town America to have a fair in the summer.   The rides mostly spin you around and upside down and generally make you sick – but kids seem to love them.

The games usually involve throwing a ball into a bucket or a ring over a bottle and if you make it, you win a stuffed animal. David won 3 stuffed animals and gave one to Jenny and one to Alex.

All 3 kids tried the shooting game where you fire a rifle and try to hit the target – but nobody got the target!

We all put on old fashioned clothes and had our picture taken like an old Western. It is a great picture. Jenny will have it as a souvenir.

The animals are a big part of the fair. There are cows, pigs, chickens, goats, and horses. The animals are usually raised by children who belong to a club and work with the anima all year and then bring it to the fair in the summer for a competition. 

And the food…..!   Oh – Marlene  — you would have a heart attack if you could see the food. LOTS and LOTS of food – ice cream,  big huge cakes, big greasy sausages, cotton candy and more!  Don’t worry – Jenny didn’t eat any of the bad stuff!

Jenny and Alex loved the rides at the fair. Even the ones that turned you upside down!

Having our picture taken as an old time western!

Deep fried cookies and candy!!! yum!

Milking the cows!

A day at the water slide park!

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