The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 11:01 pm 2008

Jenny Visits Downtown Seattle!

Yesterday was a great day – Jenny and I and the boys visited the Pacific Science Center. It is a great museum for science – with lots of hands-on activities. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera!  We had a great time and saw a funny movie on “Beavers!”  It was a good day.

Today was even better. First – we got to leave the boys home with a babysitter – so Jenny and I could go alone to the city.  We wandered through Pike’s Place Market and bought some delicious peaches, blueberries and raspberries!

Jenny found some great sweatshirts, a purse, shoes, and some postcards. She ran through all her money – but good news:  *credit card*!!!!

We found a store that had chairs that give you a massage – so we sat and had a massage.

We visited the very first Starbucks store in the world – and had a delicious iced chai latte by the water.

The city is pretty and Jenny enjoyed watching all the interesting people around!

When we got home – we went to the pool with some friends of mine and had pizza and let the boys swim.

Jenny spoke English ALL DAY.  She is doing very well and working on her books from the library.

Now we are watching some gymnastics on the television. China is strong. Haven’t seen France yet!

Visit the city!

Getting a latte at the very fist Starbucks store.

Enjoying the latte at the park in the city!

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