The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 11:04 pm 2008

BBQ at Friend’s House

On Saturday we made COOKIES!!! Lots of butter, sugar, and chocolate!! 

Today – salad for dinner!

In the afternoon we went to a friend’s house for a bbq.  Jenny did a good job speaking English to many people.
They had a women who painted pictures on the children’s faces. Jenny had a design painted on her arm.

It was very, very HOT!!!  Today is cooler. Thankfully!  This afternoon, Jenny may go out with a friend’s son.  He is 17 years old and would like to practice his French with Jenny!  Richard is suspicious!  He says when he was a boy – he also wanted to “practice French”  with the young girls!!   I said Richard might go with Jenny to be a chaperone!  We’ll see….

Making cookies!

Jenny and an old lady!

Jenny gets a design on her arm.

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