The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 11:08 pm 2008

Jenny plays badminton

Today was a quiet day. I’m not sure about Jenny – but I am exhausted!  Jenny was supposed to go on a boating trip with a friend – but it was cloudy and rainy so they decided not to go.   Hopefully they can go next week.

So we played in the park.  Cat and mouse.  Jenny was the cat and caught us all easily. I told her I am so old that she should only WALK when she chases me.  She caught me anyway!  Then we came back and played a bit of badmitton in the back yard.

Tonight there is English Talk Time at the library.  It is a time for people who are learning English to get together and practice a bit. I think there is a teacher who leads the discussion. Jenny doesn’t want to go – but I think it would be good for her. It is only for 1 hour. I’m making her go. I told her – if we called Marlene – Marlene would say – GO! 

    We’ll see how it is. 

Tomorrow  Jenny has to get up at 6am to go to the gym with Richard. They will have fun together.   Then she can visit his office. I’ll pick her up at the office and we’ll do something interesting. Then in the evening -they are going to a baseball game!

Jenny and Alex on a hike.

The waterfall on the hike.

Jenny – “The waitress” – serving doughnuts at David’s school.

Jenny helped stuff envelopes for “1st day of school” – she liked listening to all the women talk.

Jenny and me playing badmitton.

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