The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 6:15 pm 2008


Jenny went to the Mariner game last night and this time the Mariners WON!!! woo hoo!! 

Jenny had fun at the baseball game and got a big red finger which she likes.

She also spent the morning at the gym with Richard – training with Charles. Today she is sore!
Then she spent a few hours with Richard in his office.

Today we played Monopoly.  We told Jenny – if you are a capitalist in America you MUST play monopoly!!  She thought she had plenty of money until David build hotels and beat all of us.

Right now Richard is in the backyard tossing balls to Jenny, David and Alex.  Rich and David are going out to another baseball game. Alex, Jenny and I are going to take my mom out to dinner.

Only about a week left of Jenny’ visit!!

Jenny working out with Charles – a trainer at the gym

Jenny and the BIG RED Finger at the Mariner’s game.

Jenny with Richard at his office. The wall shows the list of things he needs to do!

Jenny playing Monopoly.  She had plenty of money —- until David built HOTELS – then we all lost to David.

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