The Kobylkas in Europe

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Taunton III

We visited the medieval town of Dunster today and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The castle dates back to the 900s but the structure has changed considerably over the past 1000 years.

The castle has a rich history behind it which was interesting to learn about. It also has beautiful gardens and we spend the morning and early afternoon exploring both the buildings and the grounds.

As the castle slowly began to fade, the owners built a beautiful manor house and that is the main structure today.

Among the castle grounds was an area where various children games were available so Helen and Alex played a game of Janga.

Our gracious hosts, Andrew and Helen Wallace.

After the castle we had a lovely picnic in Dunster and walked around the town for a while. We then took a beautiful drive through the English countryside. I love the English countryside with its many quaint villages, rolling hills, and wonderful landscapes. I took the photo below from Lynton.

As mentioned in a previous entry, I’ve know Andrew for 31 years and he and his family are a main reason I enjoy visiting England so much. They are wonderful people and any trip to Europe would be incomplete without visiting them. We had dinner at a very nice pub (I love pubs) and it was an excellent end to a lovely stay with the Wallaces.

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