The Kobylkas in Europe

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Yesterday we traveled from Cambridge to London, and then took the chunnel train from London to Paris, a fairly long travel day but I love train rides so it was enjoyable. We’re staying in a nice 1 bedroom apartment we found on, close to the Metro which is convenient. We had a nice relaxing dinner and walked around the neighborhood and found a laundromat which is important.

Today we traveled to Versailles for the day, I haven’t been here since 1981. While beautiful, it is really not my cup of tea – too opulent for my tastes. I enjoy the gardens (which are immense) more than the chateau.

David & Alex inside the front gate, HUGE lines to get in but thankfully the lines moved quickly.

Like other sites, it is difficult to capture the grandeur of Versailles with an ordinary camera so I didn’t take many photos. While over the top for me, it is an impressive place considering how long ago it was built.

As mentioned earlier, I enjoy the grounds more than the chateau so we walked around them for a while, very peaceful considering the number of people milling about.

Versailles may be one of the most famous world heritage monuments but for us, the highlight of the visit was the restaurant. French onion soup, salmon, quiche, hot chocolate that should be listed on the world heritage site, tarte cintron, tarte framboise, and macarons. We Kobylkas are a cultured folk.

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