The Kobylkas in Europe

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We arrived in Cambridge Tuesday evening and are staying in an excellent bed and breakfast called Angela’s B&B, run by Digby and Marie. Digby gave us a ride into town this morning and we went on a two hour guided walking tour of Cambridge University which was first rate. In staying with our King Richard exploits in York, the gate featured in this photo is of Trinity College and features Henry VIII and the coat of arms of Edward III and this sons, whose relatives featured prominently in the War of the Roses, at least I think I have that right.

I think this is the courtyard for King’s College, but I’m not sure. They all began to run together during the tour. Cambridge is an absolutely beautiful city with a HUGE bicycle population as students are banned from bringing cars on to campus. There are 31 separate colleges in Cambridge University and they all have their own budgets and operate independently for the most part.

The outside of King’s College Chapel which is gorgeous. Again, it is difficult to get a photo that captures its beauty. We spent about 30 minutes in and about the chapel which features amazingly well preserved stained glass. Also interesting to note that the university benefited from Henry’s split from the Catholic church as it received quite a bit of church land that Henry seized.

After the walking tour we had lunch, wandered around for an hour or so, and then went on a punting cruise. I didn’t feel like manning the boat myself so we paid to be chauffeured, outsource for quality is my mantra. It was a relaxing ride on the River Cam and there were many “punters” on the river.

King’s College Chapel from our boat and it features part of the stained glass I mentioned earlier. Tomorrow we take the train to London and from London it is the chunnel to Paris.

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