The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 10:14 pm 2008

Last day in Carcassonne!

Our last day in Carcassonne!  Will be sad to leave. We are at a fantastic B&B enjoying a visit with RIchard’s brother Joe and family. The B&B has  a lovely pool and garden and the boys have had great battles in the pool with their cousins, unlce and dad. 

We went into the old city and had a tour of the chateau and the walls of the city. Very interesting – beautiful place. But it was HOT.  The best part for me was simply sitting at the ice cream shop resting in the shade eating gellato and sipping icy drinks while I waited for everybody else.

The boys all took a tour of a haunted house the scared the pants off David and everybody seemed to enjoy. Keith said it was like being in a Hitchcock movie. No blood and guts – but lots of quite suspense. At one point they were in a library room with soft music playing and nothing happened for about 30 seconds then suddenly the bookshelf came crashing down and was about to fall on you and the the lights went out!  Then you heard crashing glass – then the lights went back on and everything looked normal.   In another room is was dark and somebody ran a feather across their ankles. They had a good time.

Dinner in town was a very nice restaurant. The first night we ate outside and there was a nice musician. Last night was good too – with chocolate mousse for dessert for everybody.

Last night the owner of the B&B — Benoit — took Keith, his girlfriend Alex, and Kevin out to bars and dancing and Kevin practiced his limited French on friends girls. Mostly it amounted to “Bush – no good!”  They came home at 4am!

This morning – another great breakfast on the patio by the pool with lots of Nutella, bread, coffee, juice, fruit and yogurt.  

Next – it is on to see Marlene and family in Toulon and then on to Mention.

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