The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 5:13 pm 2008

Jenny gets a pedicure

Yesterday we went to David and Alex’s class to meet their new teachers. They were very excited to see friends they haven’t seen all summer and see who will be in their class. Jenny enjoyed meeting the teachers too – and noticing small differences between France and American schools.

Then we had *5* children over to play – for a total of 7!  Too many for me. But Jenny was good about playing with them in the park and chased them all around. Then we took a little hike and visited the pre-school in the church where Alex and David started school at age 3.

Finally one of the children – Renea – (the only girl!) and Jenny made chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious.

Today we just relaxed around the house. I had chemo treatment and learned my cancer marker has gone DOWN – that is a very good sign!  yea!

When I got home I found David had emptied the dishwasher and Jenny had made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast for her and Alex AND had cleaned up all the dishes AND cleaned all the toys around the house!  What will I do without her!

In the afternon I took Jenny and my mom to get pedicures.  Finally – we all went back to my mom’s place for dinner.  Now we are home – it is only 8:00pm – but I am ready for bed!!  Jenny says in France – you don’t eat dinner until 8!!

Taking a hike in the woods with 7 kids. I kept counting to mae sure we didn’t lose any!

Jenny getting her first pedicure. My mom on the right and you can see me in the mirror takng the picture

Dinner at my mom’s place.

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