The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 9:37 pm 2008

In Taunton

We have been in Taunton visiting Richard’s friends Andrew and Helen the last few days. They have been incredibly hospitable to us and have taken us touring and had us to dinner every night. It is great to connect with frieds after being on our own for a week. We have loved the home cooked meals! Especially the “puddings” – desserts! Helen made delicious homemade ice cream and we had strawberries and double cream which was great. Andrew said during Wimbledon it is tradition to eat strawberries and cream.

Helen even did did our laundry, hung it to dry and returned it to us neatly folded. She asked me if I would like it ironed. I say – “Of course!!” – no just kidding. Our clothes would go into shock if they were ironed – it has never happened to them.

We are staying at a great Bed and Breakfast about 1 mile from Andrew and Helen’s home. We can walk to their house for dinner and it is a pleasant walk home through a pretty neighborhood.  The traditional breakfast here is eggs, canadian style bacon, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and very strong coffee. Big breakfast!

The first day here Richard and David took a day off and rested. Helen, Alex and I took an old steam train to visit Dunster castle which was fun. The next day we all went to visit the SS Great Britain in Bristol.  Took the train and then walked through Bristol (got lost many times) – finally found the ship. It was launched in 1853. Looked quite luxurious for its day – if you were in first class at least. I wouldn’t want to have travelled back in steerage. ugh. Boys had fun running around the ship.

Today Richard is off with Andrew and the boys to visit the RAF museum. I am staying home and relaxing. It’s nice to be alone for a bit.

We’re taking Helen and Andrew out to dinner tonight. Looking forward to steak and kidney pie and some good ale. Laura – her eldest daughter will babysit our boys. Even better – a night with just adults!

Tomorrow we leave for Crediton to see Richard’s friends the Langhornes. It will be sad to say good bye to Helen and Andrew – who will do our laundry??

Alex and Helen on the steam train to Dunster.

Alex and Helen on the steam train to Dunster.

Waiting for the train to Bristol

Trying on hats on the SS Great Britain

Lost in Bristol

Helen, Timothy, Rachael (Tim’s girlfriend), Alex, David, and Laura.

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