The Kobylkas in Europe

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A terrific day in Dijon. I think this city, at least its look, is my favorite of the trip thus far. Dijon works hard to preserve its medieval heritage and we had a great time walking around. We took the self-guided Owl Tour which is a walking tour that is marked by smallish owl symbols. The tour consists of 22 sites. The park below was our first stop.

Below are a few photos of some of the wonderful buildings we visited.

About half way through the Owl tour we came across the gold owl that represents the tour and you’re supposed to have good luck if you rub the owl with your left hand (the hand closest to your heart).

The tour took about five hours and that included a very good lunch that featured salmon, escargots, an omelet, and beef bourguignon. We called it a day at about 4:30pm and headed back to the hotel to plan tomorrow, scout out a laundry, read, and just relax.

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