The Kobylkas in Europe

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Menton/French Riviera VI

Our last day in Mention and we started the day with a visit to the Jean Cocteau Museum which was excellent. Cocteau was an artist of many talents, writing, film, painting, and drawing. He was a friend of Picasso as well. He wrote and filmed the original Beauty and the Beast in 1946. It was an exception museum plus I learned about an artist that I’ve never heard of. I enjoyed looking at the outside of the museum as well, both during the day and at night.

After the museum we had lunch and then headed to the sea for a swim. Lots of swimming on this trip which the boys loved. This swim was the best because high winds caused unusually big waves and David & Alex couldn’t get enough of being tossed around by the sea. After the swim we went to another Pied Noir festival,this one commemorating the 50th anniversary of the French Algerians departing Algeria. We helped M. Rizo with the set up in the morning (before the museum) and spent all evening eating, drinking, and talking. We topped the evening off with gelato.

About 3:30am Alex woke me up to say that he stomach was bothering him and while we made it to the bathroom for the second wave, we were not so lucky on the first wave. Luckily, the apartment doesn’t have carpeting. I cleaned up Alex, the bathroom, and the floor and M. Rizo woke up and pitched in as well which was very kind. He does not speak English and my French is poor but it is surprisingly easy to communicate “vomit” to someone even if you speak different languages.

We departed Menton at 10:30am the same morning (with Alex feeling much better) and headed for Dijon. Just a terrific time with M. Rizo and his family. Patrick and Marlene were phenomenal hosts and I really cannot say what exceptionally good people they are and the amount of kindness they showed us. Mary Anne is smiling.

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