The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 11:59 pm 2010

Stonehenge & Bath

We departed Crediton with one last play date with David, Alex, and Rosie. The boys absolutely love playing with Rosie and it has been one of the highlights of the trip. We drove to Stonehenge and the site exceeded my expectations. Even though there is a rope fence around the structure, you can still get relatively close. It is beautiful site and the audio tour provided was excellent. David and Alex enjoyed it as well, particularly Alex. We then drove into Bath and watched England lose to Germany 4-1 in the World Cup. It was not a good game for England. I did laundry, then we went to dinner, and finished the day in the Royal Victoria Park which is about a 10 minute walk from our B&B. Terrific park. Tomorrow we’re check out the Roman baths and Bath Abbey.

One last time with Rosie (under the table) and Mattie.

A procession of people leaving Stonehenge just after we arrived. I have no idea who they were but they had access to the monument.

David and Alex with the audio guides in front of Stonehenge. It was a surprisingly good site.

Alex climbed (quickly) to the top of a structure in Royal Victoria Park.

David made it up, too.

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