The Kobylkas in Europe

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Online in Menton

We arrived in Menton about 7pm Saturday and while we have internet access courtesy of M. Rizo, I’m just getting around to updating our blog. We’ve been busy and of course I left my camera in the car for the first two days. We met Marlene (one of M. Rizo’s daughters) at the Menton train station and went to M. Rizo’s apartment which is where we will be staying for the duration of our trip. After we unpacked Marlene’s husband (Patrick) took us for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea which is about a five minute walk from M. Rizo’s apartment. Afterwards we went to Audette’s (M. Rizo’s other daughter) house for dinner. Audette’s husband (Bernard) is a chef and made a wonderful dinner for us. Around 11pm we headed back to M. Rizo’s apartment and called it a day.

Sunday morning had us take swim in the Mediterranean Sea and then go to a festival that an organization to which M. Rizo belongs puts on every year. We went to this festival during our 2008 trip. We were there from 11am to 11pm (just like last time) and it was a great experience. Huge pots of paella, excellent grilled food, lawn bowling, and conversation. Someone brought a big screen TV to the park so at 8:30pm we watched the World Cup in which Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0.

Monday I finally remembered to bring my camera. A more leisurely pace today as we (Bernard, Marlene, Patrick, and us) departed for Monaco about 11am. We toured the palace which was excellent, I had no idea that Monaco dated back to the 1200s. We then went to lunch and a car museum which was very good as well. We finished our Monaco excursion at a beautiful park that features more variety of roses than I knew existed. We returned to Menton (only about 15 minutes from Monaco) changed to our swimming gear and drove to a spot where we made a steep hike (for me at least) and ended up at a waterfall where we could go swimming. It was amazing. Then back to M. Rizo’s apartment, dinner at 9pm and bed about 11pm. Another full day and it was terrific.

Outside of the Monaco Palace. From right to left, Patrick, Bernard, Marlene, Alex, and David.

Here’s the waterfall with Patrick, Alex (he’s in the middle but difficult to see), and David. The water was cold and felt great after the hike to it in 100 degree (or close to it) heat. Thus far, after more than three weeks of travel, we’ve had one overcast day.

Closer in photo of Patrick and the boys under the waterfall.

The boys spend quite a bit of time examining “tadpole colonies” at the waterfall and pool. Many, many tadpoles to be examined.

Here is an early morning photo from M. Rizo’s balcony. Menton is located at the foot of the Alps which are in the background. He has lived in this apartment since 1968.

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