The Kobylkas in Europe

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Medieval city, haunted house, pool, and haunted house reprise

We had a sumptuous breakfast to start the day and then we spend about four hours walking around Carcassonne which is a walled city that dates back to Roman times. The fortress and city walls, however, were constructed during medieval times. We used the audio guides instead of the guided tour which we did last time and the audio guides were definitely the way to go. Like the London Tower, I can spend hours walking around Carcassonne and would like to visit during our next trip which hopefully will be 2012. After lunch we visited La Maison Hantee (the haunted house) which we went to during our last visit and it did not disappoint. Very well done and there is a fellow in a black cloak who menaces you throughout the tour which lasts about 20 minutes. We returned to the B&B by 4:30pm or so and spend the next several hours hanging out in the pool and had a “battle royale” with the cousins. We went back into the city for dinner and tried La Maison Hantee again but it was closed. We didn’t finish dinner until 11pm so we’re definitely on “French” time. Tomorrow we meet Mary Anne’s French friends in Menton, which is in the French Riviera.

The view of the walled city of Carcassonne from our B&B which was a five minute walk away.

Before the “Battle Royale” in the pool.

David and Alex in front of La Maison Hantee. David’s pose reflects his deciding not to go in with us during the afternoon and then wanting to go in after dinner but it was closed for the evening. Alex loved La Maison Hantee and wanted to go in for a second time.

Carcassonne at night from our B&B.

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