The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 10:41 pm 2008

First day in Seattle: Too the Zoo and to BED!

On Thursday we took Jenny to the zoo.  We had a good visiting – bears, butterlies, wovles, and gorrillas!  Lots of walking and lots to see.

Poor Jenny was *exhausted*.  We came home and she went to bed at 5:00!  She missed dinner and slept straight throught the night until 7am the next morning!  14 hours!  I think she was tired.

Today she felt better. We rested around the house. She met my friend Beth – who spent 3 months studying in Nante. Beth is going to give Jenny a tour of University of Washington and they are going to go river rafting!

Going to the zoo!

Baby goats.

Either David or Alex – not sure which!! 

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