The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 9:19 pm 2008

Day 2: In the City!

We had our first day in the city!  Took a bus and then the “tube” and finally got to Trafalgar Square.  Lots of pigeons that Alex loved to chase.   Had a good lunch in “The Crypt” then took the London Eye for a ride.

The London Eye is a big ferris wheel thing only instead of seat there are enclosed capsules.  David had a great time taking pictures.  We now have 100 photos of the people below on the ground. 

After the riding the eye – we took the subway to the war cabinet rooms and Churchill museum.  It was a wonderful museum. The cabinet rooms are underground where Churchill met with his staff to conduct the war. The rooms were restored to exactly the way they were during WWII.  They gave you a headset to listen to a guide to museum. It was excellent. The boys enjoyed it and Richard loved it.

At this point David was done for the day! He said “I’m hungry, thirsty, and tired — my feet hurt and I WANT TO GO TO BED!”  We got the feeling he didn’t want to go to another site. So home it was on the tube where they both promptly fell asleep.

After an hour relaxing in the apartment – we walked across the street to a great Italian restaurant. So far in England we have had Thai food and Italian food!

It is now 8am day 3 and David is still sound asleep. Alex is up and ready to go! Alex had the best transition of anybody. No problem.

Today’s agenda – “Lord of the Rings” for Rich and David and Science Museum for Alex and me. It’s raining!

London Eye
David’s photo of Big Ben
Wonderful museum! Richard’s favorite visit of the day.

End of a long day. Guess who is ready for bed?

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