The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 11:51 pm 2010

Crediton & Dartmouth

We traveled to Crediton today and this village is where I taught in 1981. I’ll meet up with my cooperating teacher named Robin Langhorne for lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately, his wife Jean is not feeling well so I’m not sure we’ll get to see her. We’re staying in the Great Park Farm B&B and it is the same one we staying in during our 2008 trip. The B&B is on a working farm so there are lots of cows, much to Alex’s delight. As I write this entry, Alex is standing at the window laughing whenever the cows moo, which is often. We went to a beautiful city called Dartmouth and visited a terrific castle which was active from the 1400s through WWII as it was a key element in Britain’s coastal defenses. Our GPS had an “epic failure” today as stated by David as it could not figure out how to get us from the ferry to the castle. We relied on a local fellow who provided us pinpoint directions.

As I did in Taunton during out 2008 trip, I clipped the passenger side mirror on the return trip to our B&B. I don’t know what it is about side mirrors and me. And just like Taunton in 2008, I popped the mirror back in to place and it works perfectly but the glass is scuffed up. I purchased as much car insurance as I could when I rented the car so we’re covered. After lunch with Mr. Langhorne tomorrow, we might take in two more castles but it will depend on when we finish lunch.

David, Alex, and Rosie the farm dog. Alex, in particular, loves playing with Rosie and he did so in 2008 when we stayed here.

I think Rosie is hoping Alex will take a break soon. She eventually hid in a shady bush but Alex still found her.

Alex and David defending the English coast from Dartmouth Castle.

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