The Kobylkas in Europe

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Canyoning in Italy!

We traveled to Italy Wednesday and went canyoning. Canyoning consists of renting a wet suit and helmet, packing some gear (food, water, etc.) taking a one hour hike uphill, changing into your wet suits, and then going down the canyon using streams and pools. Our canyon was in the Italian Alps (the foot of the Alps). The water is cold and invigorating and we had a great time. Canyoning is a strenuous activity, particularly the hike up and it is well worth the effort. We departed M. Rizo’s apartment at 9am and did not return until after 5pm. We showered and then went to Audette and Bernard’s for their daughter Celine’s birthday. Celine stayed with us for a month in 1996. A great dinner and lively conversation, and we returned home at 12:30am or so. Just another great day!

Patrick and Alex don wet suits.

Alex is ready to go!

Marlene, David, and me at the top of one of the drops. You either slide or jump down from the top and the vertical drop ranges from 10 to 15 feet. The pools you jump in to are deep and frequently we did not touch bottom.

Down goes Alex! Alex is basically a mountain goat and he traveled quickly. He LOVED jumping and sliding down the canyon. Strange, he has no hesitation to jump 10 or 15 feet down into a pool of water but I can’t get him to learn to ride a bike because he doesn’t want to fall off. Go figure.

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