The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 7:06 pm 2010

Arundel & Battle

A good but long day due to an accident (not involving us) that closed off the road in to and out off Arundel. It probably added two hours to our driving time. Our first stop was Arundel which is a beautiful castle but lacks much historical information so that was disappointing. Our experience thus far is that if the site is not part of the English Heritage (such as Arundel Castle and the Avebury ruins), they are not all that well done.

Next up was Battle (part of the English Heritage program) and it was outstanding., It is the site of William the Conqueror defeating King Harold in 1066. It is a terrific place with an excellent audio tour. You walk the entire grounds and it lasts about 45 minutes.

We arrived home about 7pm, had dinner and are relaxing for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow night is our last evening in England, hard to believe the vacation is nearly half over.

Outside of Arundel Castle. A gorgeous castle but not much interesting once inside the castle walls. Farleigh Hungerford which we saw yesterday and is in ruins was a much more interesting site.

Another view of Arundel Castle.

David and Alex listening to the audio commentary at Battle. At this location, William rallied his troops against Harold.

While I expected David to enjoy the historical sites, Alex was really been in to them as well. He loves the audio guides and is a stickler for us following the audio features in the correct order.

The boys on the spot where King Haroled received an arrow through his eye.

We left the cottage at 9am and arrived back at 7pm and Alex made a bee line to the trampoline.

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