The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 4:54 am 2010

Fishing in the Mediterranean Sea

We wake up at 6am to make it to our boat (courtesy of M. Rizo’s friend Francois) for a five hour fishing excursion. The clever fish of the Mediterranean Sea are no match for us as we catch many fish, which suprised me. Between bouts with the fish we jump off the boat into the sea to cool off. An outstanding time, particularly for the boys who were thrilled to catch so many (by our standards) fish. After this adventure we travel back to M. Rizo’s apartment for lunch and we eat the fish we caught. We couldn’t finish all the fish so we treated a sea gull that is a frequent visitor to M. Rizo’s window sill.

Before heading back to M. Rizo’s apartment for lunch, the boys wanted to try the “Fish Spa.” Here you place your feet in a tub of water and about 50 – 75 small fish nibble (or as the French say provide you 1000 kisses) at the dead skin on your feet and ankles. Patrick, David, Alex, and I gave it a try and it was a fun experience.

After lunch,¬†Patrick suggests we have a quiet afternoon so we (M. Rizo, his companion Arlette, Marlene, Patrick, and I) watch two Errol Flynn movies: “Gentleman Jim,” and “Sea Hawks.” M. Rizo loves old American movies. The movies were in English with French subtitles. At 7pm we met up with Bernard and Audette and a cousin named Babette for dinner. The dinner was unusual in that we could only access the restaurant via a 4 wheel drive vehicle (two because there were 10 of us). The dinner was superb and featured hare (which made Alex very sad), eggplant parmesan, bread, wine, etc. We didn’t leave until 11:30pm. Just a great evening and, sadly, our last in France and Europe as we depart Saturday morning to travel from Nice to London, then London to Seattle.

Boarding Francois’ boat, the Evasion IV.

Leaving the harbor.

Menton from the sea.

Three happy campers!

Anglers Alex and David along with le capitaine Francois.

A dip in the Mediterranean to cool off between battles with the fish.

M. Rizo.

Back on land!

The Fish Spa experience. Very strange sensations having the fish nibble at you.

Here’s is what the fish do.

A happy sea gull outside M. Rizo’s window, dining on the left overs from our fishing excursion.

Somewhere on a mountain just before our dinner at the restaurant. It was a great deal with terrific people!

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