The Kobylkas in Europe

Written by 10:22 pm 2008


Hard to believe we are home and the trip is over!

The trip was everything we had hoped for and more! Wonderful food, great sites, special time with close friends and family. It could not have been better.

Sad to end the vacation – but after a month we were all ready to get back home and settle in. We are enjoying talking about the trip, going through photos, and catching up on some sleep.

For me – I feel more rested and rejuvenated than I did before the trip. Having 6 weeks off of chemo and being pampered by my French family was the best medicine I could possibly have had.

We are looking forward to the rest of the summer.  Our August may be extra special – as Jenny – (17yr old daughter of Marlene and Patrick)  may join us for a month to visit and practice her English.  We’re working out the exact dates but hope to make that happen.  It would be icing on the cake for us to be able to show Jenny around Seattle and some American culture!

Thanks for your notes on the blog!  It was  a fun way for us to share our vacation and keep in touch!

Kids fast asleep in car arriving home from the airport!  Exhausted after long day of travel and wonderful trip!

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