We took the chunnel from Ebbsfleet to Paris today and it was a good trip. The boys enjoyed the train ride but were disappointed that they could not see the actual English Channel when we were in it. It is only a two hour trip. It was an easy trip from the Paris Nord train station via the Metro to our apartment. The apartment is nice with a quirk in that if I open the window we literally can shake the hands of people who walk by as we are on the ground floor.

We went to the Eiffel Tower but given the long lines we decided to see it tomorrow, early. We decided to have dinner and went to a nice restaurant for classic French meal that took nearly two hours to finish. We’ve had very pleasant conversations with four Parisians thus far (not in French by the way) so hopefully this string will continue tomorrow.

Our apartment is very close to the Eiffel Tower.

A view from underneath the tower. We’ll head to the top tomorrow.

Can’t leave Paris without chocolate crepes!

2 thoughts on “Paris!!”

  1. Bonjour Kobylkas! Love the updates although we are feeling ever so jealous of these grand adventures. Try the lemon, butter and powdered sugar crepes too. If you get a chance, there’s a restaurant located near Notre Dame (I think – my info is 19 years old) on the Rue de la Huchette called Les Argonnauts with waiters who dance in the aisles and you can throw plates against the walls, etc. Quite fun.

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