On to Carcassonne

We left the Loire Valley and drove to Carcarsonne yesterday. It was sad to leave the Roserarie which was one of the nicest hotels we have stayed in – mostly because the owners Sophie and Laurent were so welcoming and friendly. They gave us a glass of champagne to celebrate our last night and a bottle of wine as a thank you gift when leaving!

It was an easy 4 hour drive to Carcassonne and didn’t get lost once with our amazing GPS – Bessie!  WHat a joy!
She got us to the bed and breakfast – and as we pulled over we saw Uncle Joe – jogging along and we knew we were in the right place !  Was great to meet up with Joe and family.

The bed and breakfast is amazing. Beautiful patio, pool and cool bedrooms and play area for the kids. We all jumped in the pool to cool off and then had a great visit on the patio. Around 8:30 we walked into Carcassonne. It is a medeival city – looks almost like a Disneyland – but it is the real deal. Had a great dinner outdoors listening to French musician and drinking wine.

This morning breakfast in the shade on the patio, kids swam and now we are off to explore the city. Boys want to go to a haunted house!  I’ll be content to go shopping and maybe get some gelatto!

Wine tasting in the Loire.

David has developed a taste for escargots!

Champagne to celebrate our last night in Loire

Meeting up with cousin Kevin in Carcassonne!! 

One thought on “On to Carcassonne”

  1. Hi MaryAnne,

    Oh the mememories of spending time in France! Dave and I are fondly reminiscing about the time we spent there. Carcassonee is a magical place to visit, and we are looking forward to reading about what you see and do while you are there. I think David will come home with vivid thoughts of imagined battles that he fought during his time there!

    It is great fun to receive your blog updates as you progress through your travels. Thanks for taking time to write. Isn’t it great that no postage stamps are required?!


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