Mostly a travel day as we left Paris by train to travel to Mainz to meet my brother Joe, his wife Janet, and their youngest son Kevin. It was a four hour train trip with one short transfer and it was great. I love train travel and it was reminiscent of my first trip to Europe in 1981 when I traveled for two months using the Eurail pass. It was very relaxing to eat, read, and just look out the window and watch the countryside go by.

Photo courtesy of Alex.

The boys enjoyed the train as well!

We met the Texas Kobs in Mainz without a hitch and went to dinner. Alex is featured here with cousin Kevin who is Alex’s ally against David. Kevin is 6′ 6″ so he is a good ally to have. We called it an early night because we depart on a Rhine River cruise earlyish tomorrow and when the cruise finishes we board a train for Berlin.


3 thoughts on “Mainz”

  1. Museumsinsel in Berlin: 1) Pergamon Museum (all of it); 2) Bodes Museum – coin exhibit is very cool; 3) Altes Museum – medieval stuff is amazing, so is cafe. Just my two pfennig.

  2. Wow, I am so jealous! The chunnel train, fishing in the Mediterranean, Versailles, etc. You are having a great trip! Send me a postcard! Enjoy the sights, food, being young, your family, and all the culture!

  3. Hi Mr. Plummer, I’ll be sure to send you a post card and I’ll send it to Northshore. Thanks for commenting on the blog! David

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