London Day #3

Well today was a bust but we still had a good time. I thought was that our internal clocks had reset but that thought proved incorrect when we went to bed last night at 10pm, and David & I did not wake until 1pm Monday and I had to wake Alex up at 2pm. We headed for the London Eye and there was between a 30 and 45 minute wait so we decided to go to the Tower of London. We had lunch on the way and arrived at 5:20pm and it closes at 5pm. Since we woke up only three hours earlier it seemed like late morning for us. We planned on taking the Jack the Ripper walking tour at 7:30pm but the boys were tired so we just called it a day. That’s fine, we still had fun walking around the city as we saw Parliament and tooled around on the Tube and buses. We leave London tomorrow (Tuesday) morning which is too bad but we spent five days here last visit. We rent our car tomorrow and then head to Taunton which is in Somerset County.

Outside the Tower of London, about 20 minutes after it closed. While disappointed, the boys were happy to get back to our lodgings and relax for the remainder of the evening.

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  1. It sounds like your vacation is off to a nice start! There are so many great sites to enjoy in London. We are enjoying the photos and following your blog!

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