Jenny plays baseball

Yesterday Jenny, David, Alex, and Rich had a rousing baseball game in the park. It was a very exciting game – David and Jenny soared ahead in the 5th inning – by getting 6 runs. The score was 9 to 2!  But then Richard and Alex came charging back in the 8th inning to TIE the score 9 to 9!

Finally in the the last inning Alex hit a fly ball and would have almost made to bring in the winning run -but David miracously caught the ball to get him out and the game ended with a tie. Very thrilling!

I tried to play – but Richard said I was hopeless because I can’t run, hit, catch or throw!  So mostly I stayed on the sidelines and cheered and took pictures – fine with me!

We had a geat time. I’ll post pictures later – because Rich has the camera. Today they are off to the aquarium and I am home resting.

Hard to believe summer is ending and everybody will be going back to school. It sure has been a great summer and we have had a wonderful time with Jenny and will miss her!

Here is the photo from the rafting trip!

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