Home Stretch

Well, we’re at the Toronto airport when we should be in Calgary but due to a late flight and last minute re-routing ended up here but at least will make it to Seattle this evening (Sunday) at 9pm which is OK. A great trip throughout the entire five weeks with too many highlights to recount. That being said, the visit with Mary Anne’s French friends and my friends in England top my list. While it was a terrific vacation, we’re ready to get back home.

Mary Anne started this blog with our 2008 trip and it is only fitting to post a photograph of her as our 2012 trip winds down. I’ll post one more entry and that will wrap it up until (hopefully) our 2014 trip. Thanks for reading our blog!

5 thoughts on “Home Stretch”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the updates on your trip. You have a knack for noting the highlights and making it a fun read. The picture of Mary Anne is beautiful. Safe travels!

  2. Rich:
    Great photo of Mary Anne…when did you take this? My favorite part of the trip was our time in Berlin and Prague together.

    Looking forward to 2014! Janet

  3. Hey guys, welcome back. I can’t tell you how much fun this blog has been for me. I check my feed reader every night to see if you’ve posted and I’ve enjoyed every entry. Mary Anne’s pic is gorgeous – what a wonderful way to remember her (both the blog and the pic)!

  4. Hi Janet,
    I didn’t take the photo of Mary Anne and I’m not sure who did. It is a terrific photo. Berlin/Prague was great with the Texas Kobs, though we see you more often than we do the English and French so it makes those visits special. Also, it is great to be with someone from a different country and culture close up to see the differences between them and us, especially the French.

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