Dijon III

We spent our final day in Dijon completing the entire Owl Walking tour, which meant walking three more loops. The boys were game for it but wanted to use Segways which were advertised but that wasn’t happening on my watch. The Owl tours are excellent and it took us all day to finish. Dijon is a terrific city and I had no idea that its architecture was so old and well preserved. Many photos of buildings but they were beautiful. The two building below date from the 1500s and 1600s.

We stopped for lunch at “L’Escargot” and it was delicious. David LOVES escargot.

One impressive feature of Dijon is the sheer number of old buildings, they are everywhere. I read an article in the Seattle Times and the writer had high praise for Dijon and it was a significant factor in our making the visit.

There were small statues embedded in buildings throughout the city, easily missed if you weren’t looking for them. The pamphlet was purchased for the tour pointed out only a few of these small sculptures which are literally all over the city.

The city also had several nice parks, one of which featured in the last loop of the Owl tour. Next stop is Brugges in Belgium which is also a medieval city.

2 thoughts on “Dijon III”

  1. If David likes snails in France, tell him to thank the Romans who introduced the barbaric Gauls to the delicacy! Have you guys seen the movie, In Bruges? It’s very good and having seen it, I’m completely envious. It seems like one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

  2. Hi Peg, I’ll show David your comment – he LOVES escargot. We saw “In Bruges” last year and enjoyed the movie. I had always read/heard great things about the city and after seeing the movie I decided to make it a destination on our trip. One can easily spend several days in the city and surrounding area, it is absolutely gorgeous.

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