Crediton II

We traveled via train to Bristol to visit a former student of mine, Erica Hogg. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in a lovely park near her office and after climbed the Cabot Tower for a great view of the city. As we approached the Tower steps, the sign below was posted and the boys thought it hilarious.

Great views of Bristol from the tower.

Here is a photo of Erica and the boys. Erica and I have kept in touch since 1981 and is another reason why I enjoy visiting England.

Not much of a photo below but the Bristol train station is beautiful and since we traveled so often by train this trip (8 different rides) I thought it appropriate to post a photo of a train station. Absolutely loved the train travel.

Back at our B&B about 5:30pm Alex found some boys to entertain as well as play with Rosie. Next stop Warwick.

2 thoughts on “Crediton II”

  1. Are you guys going to Bath? it’s one of myfavorite English cities? How are you enjoying Mitt Romney’s visit?

  2. Hi Peg,
    No Bath this trip, we went in 2008 and 2010 so we opted for different cities this year. No London as well and this trip is the first one I’ve made to England without visiting London. I didn’t know Mitt was here until your message, I don’t think it received too much coverage here, the focus is on the games themselves.

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