We bid a fond farwell to Barcelona after an outstanding three day visit. We could have stayed several more days. My first visit to the city was in 1981 and I hadn’t been back since. Barcelona was a much fun in 2010 as it was in 1981. We crammed seven people and 14 pieces of luggage into a Volkswagen van and while it was a challenge getting everyone in it was surprisingly comfortable once we got on the road. We arrived in Carcassonne late afternoon Thursday. We’re staying in the same B&B we stayed in during our 2008 visit called Le Jardin de la Cite and it is absolutely wonderful. The owners (a mother and son) treated us to a superb dinner and we sat around the table and talked until nearly midnight. We visit the walled city on Friday.

The boys standing next to a sign advertising our favorite drink, horchata de chufa. Sort of a sweet milk concoction. When we traveled in Spain during 1981 we drank a ton of horchata and I remembered it as being delicious and that memory did not disappoint this trip!

Our B&B is wonderful, complete with a pool which is nice on the 100+ degree days typical of Carcassonne this time of year.

4 thoughts on “Carcassonne”

  1. Rich,

    I have enjoyed your blog, the B&B looked great, boys look like their having a great time (how fun to meet up with their cousins), and to be in Spain for the wordcup quarter. What Fun!

  2. I was in Badajoz, Spain for the summer of 1979 and never had the delicious horchata de chufa. Sounds like I missed out on quite a treat!

  3. Hi Robin,
    You’ve certainly travelled quite a bit! I can’t remember how we stumbled across horchata de chufa but we drank significant quantities of it in 1981. This trip I couldn’t find it at a couple of places we went but on the last day there it was at the restaurant right below where we were staying. Rich

  4. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the comment and I’m pleased you’re enjoying the blog. We saw the World Cup finals in France with the Rizos and it was a great time. On this trip I’ve watched more football than in the rest of my life combined, easily so. I’ll post some photos from France in the next thirty minutes or so, Mary Anne’s friends have been outstanding. Rich

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